The Wealth of Kindness

Being a kind person is Golden It is like platinum amongst stones It is so precious Being kind is being wealthy Don’t be wicked It doesn’t pay What do you gain Nothing but a wicked satisfaction It haunts you Be kind It actually pays You gain many things Everything is gained You are satisfied and […]

The Nigerian Rich

Nigerians hail the rich Forgetting they have sucked us Are we gullible? No!! They have made us to look foolish Wake up!! Become conscious Why do they keep getting richer? While the nation suffers Something is wrong somewhere We have to look inwards And look outwards Let us tackle this problem But who will stand […]

The New Nigeria

A golden nation A weakened nation A nation with bad crops of leaders A nation with no pity A nation with much ethnic sentiments A nation with politicians as the richest A nation with youths as thugs A nation with terrorist on her lands A nation with so much oil A nation with so much […]