How to Apply for AdSense in Nigeria and Get Approved (Google AdSense Approval Trick)

This post is basically on how to apply for Google AdSense in Nigeria both on Blogger/WordPress and how to get approved this 2018. I would be sharing AdSense approval tricks for you and you should take note of everything I share with you.

This is your favourite make money online tutor, Sir David that is guiding you once again.

What is Google AdSense All About?

Google AdSense is simply a platform provided by Google Inc. whereby bloggers like you and I can use to make money. You might be asking how do Google actually make their money back? It is not only just for bloggers but also, advertisers do use AdSense to promote their various businesses and Google’s pays the bloggers about 60% or so.

Google AdSense is the best and easiest way a blogger can make money but it is not the only way. In my post on how to make money online in Nigeria, I talked a lot about how one can actually make money through blogging. It could be through Direct Advertising or Music/ Video Upload or AdSense.

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It all depends on your niche and how popular your blog is. If your blog’s niche is Entertainment (I strongly oppose that if you don’t have money to promote) and it is popular you can charge exorbitant prices for Adverts and you would get your money but blogs like Wealth Prof¬†would actually get more and more people willing to advertise but of charged exorbitant prices they would all scamper away even if you are getting loads of traffic. Entertainment bloggers do actually enjoy celebrity status but niche bloggers do not enjoy that except bloggers like Neil Patel and so on but in Nigeria, it is so rare. Everyone loves Entertainment bloggers more and more and niche bloggers mind you make more money from Google AdSense than Entertainment bloggers.

How to Apply for AdSense on Blogger

Applying for AdSense on blogger is very easy and just put your mind to rest because I will teach all you need to know about to apply for AdSense in Nigeria on blogger.
Follow these steps below:

1. Login to your Blogger Dashboard

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2. Go to the Earnings Tab on the Dashboard

3. If you are eligible to apply for AdSense (meaning you have qualified to apply for AdSense), the apply button will be clickable. Click on it.
4. Sign up with the E-mail you would want to use for your AdSense account and make sure you use all correct details to apply for AdSense. Don’t lie!!! Google would catch you. I started blogging when I was 16, I applied after I was 18 years.
5. You would see something like the image below, accept the terms and conditions, then click on continue.
6. You have been given some codes, copy all and go to Layout >>> Edit HTML (make sure you are using a PC. It won’t work on mobile phones)
7. Go to No. 4 under <meta/>, make a paragraph and save. AdSense is only trying to make sure that you are truly the owner of the blog that is applying.
8. Wait for 2-3 days or even more for AdSense reply. If you have been approved. Congratulations. If not, you can still apply again.


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Updated: August 26, 2018 — 6:36 pm

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