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How to Apply for AdSense in Nigeria and Get Approved (Google AdSense Approval Trick)

This post is basically on how to apply for Google AdSense in Nigeria both on Blogger/WordPress and how to get approved this 2018. I would be sharing AdSense approval tricks for you and you should take note of everything I share with you. This is your favourite make money online tutor, Sir David that is […]

Invalid Traffic – AdSense for Content (Explained)

Invalid Traffic- AdSense for Content Explained: Some of you reading this might be not be familiar with Invalid Traffic- AdSense for content or you might. You are probably on this page due to a message you might have received from Google or your a fragment/ portion of your AdSense earnings has been deducted. You might […]

Google AdSense Approval Tricks 2018 – Getting Approved Easily.

Google AdSense Approval Tricks 2018: I will be sharing Google AdSense approval tricks in this post. I will also be sharing the ultimate Google AdSense approval trick with AdSense tricks and tips 2018 and you would know how to get Google AdSense approval in 1 minute. If you have been looking for ways you can […]

SEO Experts in Nigeria (SEO Companies in Nigeria)

Are you looking for SEO experts in Nigeria? Don’t worry you are in the right place if you have been looking for one. SEO simply means SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. Most people are now looking for SEO experts who specialize in assisting and helping your blog ran on Google search engine. I have repeated this severally […]

DomainKing.NG Review: What You About Domain King

Domain King or DomainKing.NG is one of Nigeria’s finest web hosting companies and in this post I would be reviewing the hosting provider. You are probably here because you want to start a new blog or change your web host and want to know all about DomainKing.NG. Just keep calm and you would get to […]

How To Rank Number One On Google Search Engine 2018

Ranking number one on Google is the dream of every blogger. That top spot is the one destination we all want for each of our posts but the truth is- we all can’t get there but guess what? You can!!! What do I mean by the statement “we all can’t get there but you can”. […]

How To Enable HTTPS On Blogger Blog With Custom Domain For Free.

Migrating from “http” to “https” on your blogger blog with custom domain is so easy and free. Having “https” on your blog is very good and helps your blog. The primary aim and general knowledge of “https” is that it means your site is secured. The “https” would always show before your domain with a […]

Google Infinity Scroll: How Google Infinity Scroll Would Give You More Traffic

Google Infinity Scroll is the new type of search system Google has introduced and they are trying to eliminate pagination. Over the years, it has been noticed and also, it is a well known fact that everything Google does is to benefit the “users”. To Google, the users come before profits. In the end, they […]

How To Drive Double Traffic To Your Blog 2018.

You wanna learn how to drive massive traffic to your blog, you are at the right place because I will teach you all you need to know. Every second, about two blogs are created. There are now millions of blogs out there. More and more people are going into blogging because of the success stories […]

WhoGoHost Review 2018: The Good And Bad Side Of WhoGoHost

If you have registered your domain name in different domain registrars both home and abroad, I would advise you to transfer all your domain names to WhoGoHost. They have proven to be the best Nigerian based web hosting company. Some people might think, I was paid to write all this but No! I wasn’t. I […]

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