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My First Air-Travel experience

Kindly place your hand on your chest and repeat after me😆 ”No matter what I read here today, I shall not make jest of the writer either to her face or even in the comment section. So help me God.” Kindly note that you are now under oath😒 You May proceed😁 In October 2017, I […]

My First week at the Nigerian Law School

Hello Y’all It’s been a while😁, your girl has been settling down at Law School and as you’ll expect, I’ve got some juicy gists to spill😁 About a week and few days back, I got news that we’ve been posted to various campuses for the compulsory one year course to be qualified to practice law […]

Writers—born or made?

What are your goals for 2019? For sure, personal growth and pruning is one of them. Landing a (better) job might also be another. You have writing aspirations or goals? So get up and hit the ground running; achieve your goals right from this month. In the fast-paced digital world of today, the writing industry […]

How to Sell Gift Cards to Naira Online in Nigeria (iTunes, Amazon, Steam and GooglePlay) || Sell Bitcoin for Naira (the biggest Tech blog in South Africa endorses Pada card all the way from Nigeria) Go here to visit the website AD: IF YOU EVER NEED A LIST OF LATEST DATING SITES OR LATEST DATING FORMATS YOU CAN INBOX +2347033189304 on WhatsApp or send a mail to [email protected] It costs 10,000 naira only. Any […]

Our Daily Struggle (Woman)

A woman is born The new born girl is growing A woman goes to school The girl has the equal right to learning A woman graduates The girl has to get married A woman gets married The girl has to give birth A woman is a mother The girl is now a woman The woman […]