Google AdSense Approval Tricks 2018 – Getting Approved Easily.

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Google AdSense Approval Tricks 2018: I will be sharing Google AdSense approval tricks in this post. I will also be sharing the ultimate Google AdSense approval trick with AdSense tricks and tips 2018 and you would know how to get Google AdSense approval in 1 minute.

If you have been looking for ways you can get your blog approved by Google, you are in the right place. Even if your blog is an Entertainment blog, I will help you and show you Google AdSense approval tricks 2018 no one would show you or tell you.

This would be a very interesting roller coaster ride, so fasten your seatbelt!!

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is simply a platform whereby you can make money from your blog by placing ad codes on your blog. So far in the blogsphere, AdSense is the best and easiet form of monetization. All you have to do is apply and get approved. Then drive traffic to your blog and make money. That is what Google wants you to know and that is actually hard because there so many things attached to it. One of it is getting approved for AdSense. It used to be easy but it is now difficult and that is why I am sharing Google AdSense approval tricks 2018.

Google AdSense Approval Tricks 2018

I will be sharing 10 Google AdSense approval tricks 2018 which you might have seen everywhere online but lookout for the 11th point which is a bonus. It is the ultimate trick which worked for me and I used it in getting approved for AdSense. If I could get it easily so can you. It is very easy and just like I stated earlier, even if you are an Entertainment blogger in Nigeria or anywhere and your blog is in fact 300% copied content, this tricks plus the ultimate trick would still work for you.

Here are 10 (and one more bonus trick) Google AdSense approval tricks 2018 below:

1. Upgrade or Get A Top Level Domain:

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Many people make the mistake of not getting a Top Level Domain (TLD). TLDs include domains that end with .com,, .ng,, .net and so on. Don’t apply with a domain that has .tk, .me,, and so on. Google AdSense might actually disapprove you if you use those type of domain extension to apply. Your chances of getting approved by Google is pretty much higher with a TLD. Having a TLD will boost your rankings on Google. As time goes on, your domain will get what is called Domain Authority and guess what? Google loves blogs with DA (Domain Authority). What are you waiting for? Get yourself a Top Level Domain. You can get a domain name at GoDaddy, WhoGoHost and so many others.

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2. Create Privacy Policy, About us and Contact us pages:

It is widely known that before you can get approved by Google, you must have these three important pages:

• About us
• Contact us
• Privacy Policy

For the About us page, just state what your blog is about and what you do post about. This page is for your audience and so also, the AdSense team to have a direct knowledge about what your blog is really all about. Also add your Privacy Policy page. If you are having headaches about what a Privacy Policy page is all about, you can make use of a Privacy Policy generator. Lastly, add a contact us page which contains all contact information.

3. Blog Design:

Whether it is Blogger or WordPress, one of the Google AdSense approval tricks 2018 that works is having a very good design for your blog. If you don’t know anything about coding or designing, you can always contract the designing of your blog to an expert. Make sure your theme is SEO Friendly and it is responsive.

4. Unique Content:

Did you know that when it comes to blogging, content is everything. You might have heard that Content is King but I tell you that Quality Content is King. For you too get approved by Google AdSense, you need to have 100% unique articles and content (I told you even if you have 100% copied content I will still show you Google AdSense Approval tricks 2018- The Ultimate trick right? Just keep reading and mark No. 4). Without having unique content written by you with your own sweat, it light actually be impossible for you to get approved by Google for AdSense. Thus is the challenge most Nigerian bloggers who are into the Entertainment niche face. I faced it too for two good years but the ultimate trick was my way out.

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5. Make Sure Your Blog Is Ads Free:

When applying for AdSense, do not apply and place another ad network codes on your blog. It is a straight disapproval if you are having other ad network ad codes on your blog such as Propeller Ads, Clicksor, Chitika, Infolinks and others. Maybe after approval you can add these codes back and use them side by side with Google.

6. Don’t Post Anything Against Google Policy:

This is the sixth of Google AdSense approval tricks 2018. Don’t post anything thing that goes against Google’s policy. You won’t even be considered for AdSense at all. Your blog could be 100% unique and still be against Google’s rules. For example posting content such as Movies, even if you have AdSense codes on your blog, Google will still ban you. Also, posting content with inappropriate language and words. It would only work against you.

7. Don’t Apply With A Banned Domain:

You might think Google would approve your blog if you use a banned domain that hasn’t be used for a very long time. Sorry, my dear friend but you just wasted your time. It is very useless (I mean the domain name). It would not take you as far as 3 days when you would get a reply form the AdSense team disapproving you. Get a fresh TLD domain as earlier stated.

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8. Make Sure You Have A Blog Description:

You should have a blog description so that when your blog gets indexed on Google, a lot of people would be able to know what your blog is all about from Google. This increases your chances of getting approved by Google.

9. Domain Age:

After buying your domain, do not go about applying for AdSense immediately. It would just make you get a disapproval message. Though, some people have applied with a one week old domain and they got AdSense and some did apply with a six month old AdSense and they were disapproved. Domain age doesn’t really matter but I would just advise you to wait for at least one month and then you can apply.

10. Make Sure You Apply With Correct Details:

Do not apply with the wrong details. Don’t fake your age and where you do live. If you stay in Canada, apply for AdSense using your country. If it is Nigeria you do stay, apply using your Nigerian address.

Now, we have come to the 10 tricks you can use in applying for your Google AdSense.

Google AdSense Approval Tricks 2018 (Ultimate Trick)

After following all the tricks above, you can skip No. 4 for now but you would still need it. This trick worked for me and it can work for you too. If you have about 200 posts that are all copied content, you can still get your own Google AdSense. Just follow these steps:

• First of all, revert all those copied content to draft.

• Write about 15 unique articles.

• Post and publish these articles.

• Apply for AdSense and you are done!

So simple right?? Now all you have to do after getting your AdSense is to republish your drafted posts again.

If you encounter any problems on Google AdSense Approval Tricks 2018, kindly comment below.

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