GTBank Affiliate Program: How To Make Money From GTBank Affiliate Program

GTBank Affiliate Program is another affiliate program which is currently one of the hottest ways to make cool cash in Nigeria as an affiliate marketer right now.

The GTBank Affiliate Program is just by simply referring customers to GTBank. Simple right? 

That is all that is needed of you to do. It is one of the easiest programs out of the various numerous affiliate marketing programs we have in Nigeria.

Before I continue, let me first explain all what Affiliate Marketing is about.

What Is Affiliate Marketing [Meaning Of Affiliate Marketing Explained]

Affiliate Marketing is the process of finding company you want to be an affiliate to and then promote their products and services. You get paid a commission based on how many people patronise the products or services through you.

That is a simple definition of what affiliate marketing is all about by

Just like I earlier explained in some of my previous affiliate program posts, affiliate marketing is

How To Signup For GTBank Affiliate Program And Make Money From It

The GTBank Affiliate Program is also known as the I-refer program. Just like I stated earlier, you make money from GTBank Affiliate Program by just referring people to the bank.

To sign up and make money from the GTBank’s I-Refer Affiliate Program, follow the followiy steps:

First of all, you get an I-Refer Affiliate Program form from any GTBank branch.

• Fill the form with the correct details and submit it and then wait for an approval. Simple right?

• After approval, you get a referral code. It is through this code you refer people to the bank. If anyone creates a bank account with your referral code, you get a N100 reward. Imagine you refer 100 people daily for 30 days. That is 30,000 people you have referred to the bank and you get 30 million naira. See how cool it is.

But before you get paid there are some things you must note. They include:

• The person you refer newly created account must have been active for a month or  more before you get paid.

• The referred person’s account must have made at least one transaction since creating to account.

• The referred person should have a GTBank Naira Mastercard which he or she must have obtained and activated.

What are you waiting, visit the nearest Gtbank branch near you and sign up

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Updated: March 21, 2018 — 3:24 pm

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