How To Make Money From Instagram 2018

Social media, over the years has moved from being just an avenue to meet with people. It has evolved to being a community which connects people from all over the world together. A very big social media community is Instagram and I will teach you how to make money from it.

When it come to pictures and videos, the number source is Instagram. It has given many people the opportunity to flaunt their wealth, some people made it big by uploading funny viral videos and pictures (Carzeclown/Ade, Kraks TV, Maraji, Lasisi Elenu etc), some do post news like InstaBlog9ja. In other words, people are doing one thing or the other on the social media community. It is either you are busy relaxing or making money.

Making money from Instagram is not a hard thing to do. All you need is creativity and this post would guide you.

Various Ways You Can Make Money From Instagram

There are many things you could do that would make you so popular. In fact, there are over a hundred things you can do and make a living. I would outline the most popular things which can bring you a sensible amount of money.

They include:
• PR/Social Media Manager
• Posting Memes or funny pictures
• Posting News
• Posting Funny Skits
Those four (4) listed above are what sells most on Instagram in Nigeria.

1. PR/Social Media Manager: 

PR has to do with relating with the general public. Many artists or movie producers, give out their new projects to those who are into PR and have a huge following on social media to help them promote it. These PR consultants make really good money. Imagine if you get paid about 100,000 naira for just a single post. Asides, from PR, many people are social media managers. They manage the accounts of companies and they are paid well. They are the ones who are responsible for the image of any company online.

2. Posting Memes or Funny Pictures:

You would have heard of Kraks TV. I remember when they had about just 3,000 followers and now they have more than 1 million followers. Just imagine if any company should contact them for advertising and how much they will get paid. They are will really charge a very high amount of money. All the do is try and make you laugh by posting fuuny memes or pictures. It is not too late for you to start but you would really need to be consistent for you to start getting noticed.

3. Posting News:

Do you know how many insta based blogs we have now. They are so many. Popular blogs also make sure they have a presence on social media. This helps. More and more small and medium business owners look out for insta blogs who have a huge following and the readers are consistent. They advertise with them. When I first got to know about Instablog9ja, they had about 1000 followers. Everything had changed. They have gone more and more viral. They now have close to a million followers and they get so many paid adverts. Consistency got them there.

4. Posting Funny Skits:

As a an ardent user of Instagram, I always look for what is always trending. Many people have made it big by just uploading comic skits. Take a look at the popular phrases such as “Funke” “O ja mi laraje”, they were all from a prank between a London based Nigerian boy and his father. The boy was 16 years then and till now, all those phrases are used both online and offline also in public places. If you have the flair for posting funny and comic videos, one day  your story might change and people would start noticing you. Make sure you make use of Harshtags  and tag popular handles.

Making money from Instagram is not hard at all. Just follow your heart and choose what you really like. There are other ideas I have but I only listed these four because they are the most popular ones in Nigeria. Most of the ideas I still have are ones that really do well outside Nigeria and not in Nigeria. This post is all about teaching Nigerians how to make money from Instagram and nevertheless I am still willing to share these ideas with you if you are interested. If you are just, comment below and I would reply you.
Thank you for reading

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Updated: April 12, 2018 — 1:34 am

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