How to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2019

First of all, count yourself lucky for reading this post. We are gradually moving to the end of 2018 and entering the year 2019 and everyone is trying to make money online. I want to show you ways on how to make money online in Nigeria in 2019. You can make money online in Nigeria but the question you have been asking yourself is how do I make money online?. That is why I am going to show you how to make money online in Nigeria 2019
The making of money online revolution had started in the early 2000s but according to my research, most people started around 2004- 2009.
Of course, like most businesses, it didn’t pay off but as more and more people embraced the internet, money started coming in and a lot of people now make a living by making money online.
But you know what, it is not too late for you to start your online business too. Most businesses online require little or no capital. Don’t let anybody ever tell you that it is too late for you to make money online.
Let me first give you some tips before choosing an online business you want to go into.


1. Make Sure You Have Passion For It: Many times, I have attempted to go into Cryptocurrency most especially “Bitcoin” but I do not really like it. Even if I am into it I do not have a passion for it. What I have a passion for is blogging. You cannot expect me to make more money than someone who loves Cryptocurrency business. I might probably be doing it because there is actually a future in it. So it is for every other business. Do not go into any online business you don’t have a passion for. This is because you might probably end up wasting your time, energy and money and not make enough profit. Always make sure your No.1 business is your passion
2. Research:- One thing most people fail to do is that they do not research well in the business they want to go into. First of all, make sure you know what the business is all about. Learn the tricks about that business. Go for seminars, buy books, search online, just do anything that will make you learn new things.
3. Connections:- When you are about to start your online business look around if you have enough connections to make sure you can stand in the business. If you don’t have but it is still that business you want, do not worry. Pursue it. Meet people. Talk your mind out and you would see a lot of these people who you probably think they are proud would open out their mind for you. Also, get to know your competitors. Do not see them as enemies but try and make contact with them. Eventually, your competitors become friends with you and you all come together to share ideas. Your business would surely rise and rise till it reaches the top
4: Create Your Own Marketing Strategy: Be creative enough to draw up a marketing strategy that will distinguish your online business from other businesses when you launch it. The strategy you start with is the foundation on which you have built your business with. When WhatsApp initially became popular, a few bloggers used WhatsApp to promote their blogs by posting on various groups. In my school, I was actually one of the very first sets of bloggers to utilize WhatsApp for my blog. Eventually, it gave me fame on campus but not enough traffic so I stopped and immediately, a lot of people started spamming various WhatsApp groups on a daily basis. That was my marketing strategy which I created by myself without anyone telling me about it.
5. Set Goals: Have both Short-term and Long-term goals. Setting goals will help you a lot. It keeps you in check. Goals are what drives you and eventually, it drives you to success.

These 5 tips I listed above go a long way toward helping you before starting your online business.

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How to Make Money Online in Nigeria 2019 in Ten Ways 

Everyone wants to make money online this 2019 and if you are one of them it is a very big move and a good one too.

I would list some online businesses that would fetch you cool cash.

Here are ten ways on how to make money online in Nigeria 2019:

1. Blogging:

Blogging is still the No.1 online business in the world. Check out most “how to make money online in 2019”, blogging is listed there as the most popular way. Blogging has helped a lot of people grow into Millionaires, Billionaires and also, the most popular bloggers have made their blogs a brand. Around the early 2000s, if you ever told any of your family members you wanted to have a career in blogging, they will think you are not okay or something. However, that is not the case today. Blogging is now gradually accepted all over the world as a career. As a blogger, there are many ways you can make money. They include:
– Through AdSense (I am currently using that)
– Through Direct Advertising with Banners (DA)
– Songs and Video Uploads From upcoming artists.
I will write an article on how to make money through blogging. (Once I write it and publish it, I would update this post and link it up so you had better bookmark this page!!)

2. Cryptocurrency:

Cryptocurrency is the game changer. Believe me or not. “Bitcoin” is the most popular cryptocurrency out there anytime, any day as at the time this post was published. Also as at the time this post was written, 1 Bitcoin is almost $15,000 (Oh Yeah! 15 USD Grand). Also, it has been predicted that there would be a surge in the price of Bitcoin and 1 Bitcoin might be $60,000. (Don’t fall off your chair! Pause, grab a chilled drink and continue reading). Count yourself lucky and join the Cryptocurrency game but please note that it is not all cryptocurrencies that will perform up to expectations. An example of this is- “TBC” (The Billion Coin). But before entering into this game note, the tips I wrote earlier most especially No. 2. It is really important.


3. Vlogging:

You might have probably heard the terms “Vlogging”, ” Vlogs” and “Vlogger”. Don’t worry, I will explain these terms to you and also, how you can make money from Vlogging. “Vlogging” just as you may be guessing, is the video version of Blogging. You make money from your videos. A “Vlog” is your Channel whereby you post your videos and a “Vlogger” is someone who runs a Vlog. The best platform for Vlogging is YouTube (the second most popular search engine after Google). There are YouTubers who rake in $$ every month. All they just do is to Vlog and Vlog. I can really assure you that Vlogging pays. This is because I myself I am into Vlogging. You can check out “Kingston Dome TV”.

4. Website Design:

If you know how to design websites, make it a full business. More and more business want to have a presence online. Either Small, Medium or Large Enterprises. Everyone wants to taste out of the new revolution taking place and you have to leverage on that opportunity if you have it. Remember the saying ” Opportunity comes but once “. It will come to a time when most of these businesses might not be the top ways you can make cool cash with ease. This is because change is constant.

Just make sure you leverage out every opportunity you have and make money out of it. Do not do free jobs for people. Do not do this and say to yourself, “I want to grow bigger so I have to do free jobs”. That will only ruin you and your business. Website Design is a hot cake and you should go into it if you have the skills. If you don’t and you have a passion for it acquire the skills. You can make a fortune from designing websites.

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5. Forex:

I do not really know much about Forex trading but if you love Stocks and things related to it- Forex is for you. Those who are into Forex are making thousands and millions of dollars per day. From my little knowledge about Forex, you need to have little capital to start it. Forex is something you can go for if you love Stocks. In fact, it is meant for you. Almost every day, I hear success stories of those who had nothing but through Forex, they are now living out their dreams. They drive the cars they want, live in some of the most expensive houses in the world and all they are into is simply- Forex.


6. Programming/ Coding:

This online business is just like website designing. They are both in the same field. A programmer or someone who codes is someone who develops software. Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook started out as a computer programmer. Eventually, coding paid off for him and according to Forbes Magazine, he is one of the top 10 richest people in the world. What gave him that? Coding. Zuckerberg at a time when visiting those who code and are in the programming department of Facebook said he misses those days he codes.

That shows that coding was his passion and eventually paid off for him. Passion is key in any online business you want to delve into. That is the reason why I put it as the number one tip. If you don’t know anything about coding but you really like the idea remember it is not too late to learn. But make sure you don’t go into coding just because the new crop of billionaires in the world are making it through coding. Learn if you have a passion for it. You might not make a dime for the first few months or probably years but if you do what is right you would get what is your right. What is your right? Your success is your right.


7. App Developer:

You can make a fortune from your apps. You can either make a living from developing different and very good apps for people or companies or you own a company which makes money through their apps. You can also merge the two if you have the skills. Be the creator or developer and also the CEO. Most people in Africa haven’t made anything tangible having their own company which rest on their apps and also developing apps. But this online profession has made a lot of people mostly, Asians millionaires.

For example, games you see on the Google Play store with about 1 Million downloads, 10 Million downloads and so on has made the creators really rich. You might download these games or apps for free but you can make money from your app in two ways. Either you use advertising platforms for Apps but the best is still AdMob or through in-app purchases. With these two you can make a lot of money from your apps and even have a solid company.

An example of a company that is very popular and they are raking in thousands of dollars every day through their app is “Uber”. Uber is the largest Taxi company in the world yet they have no vehicle at all. All they do is that they connect those who want to make money from carrying people around and those who need to a taxi. If you have a car you can join Uber. That is the most basic requirement. Uber just gets their commission. That is how Uber makes money. They just solved the problem of going out and getting a taxi. Through Uber, you can get a taxi with ease. Simple! You too can make a fortune from your own apps.

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8. Freelancing:

Freelancing is one of the best ways on how to make money online. I have heard testimonies of people making $2500 on a monthly basis through Freelancing. What Freelancing is basically about is that you sign up with a freelancing site, the most popular is Fiverr and you register with your skills. Then when someone who requires your skills posts it out that he needs that skill, all you do is that you apply for the gig and if you are picked, you get paid. What a simple and easy way of making money online. In 2019, a lot of people made loads of money from freelancing but this 2019, you too can make some cool cash. You can make money online in 2019. All you need are skills.



9. Book writing:

Another online profession in which I heard a lot of people’s testimony is Book Writing. Yeah! A few of you guys might know about this already but you can make money online writing books an selling them online. The best platform so far is Amazon Kindle. In fact, I recently joined since I know I have always had a passion for writing. It was my passion for writing that brought me into blogging. I am currently working on my first book. You too can give it a try if you are in love with writing. You can publish books on fictional and nonfictional stories, religion, business, finance, and so on. Anything that you like. It is a difficult way of making money online but when you write quality books this would be your favourite way on how to make money online in 2019.

10. Reviews:

This is my tenth way of how to make money online in 2019. Another way you can make some cool cash is through reviews. You make earn some amount of money from just reviewing company products, applications and so on. But I personally don’t think reviewing product and goods can make you live the life you dream. But who knows? You can give it a try and make so much money. I am just saying what I feel. But it is still a good way you can make money online in 2019. It is a very easy way on how to make money online in Nigeria 2019
I hope you enjoyed this article. I have shown you the tips you need to know before going into different online businesses and also ten good ways you can make money online in 2019. I hope you can pick one way on how to make money online in Nigeria 2019 and make your money.
If you enjoyed this piece, your comments would be much appreciated. Also if you have questions too you can ask them.
Thanks for reading how to make money online in Nigeria 2019!!!
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