How to Win Bet9ja in Ten Ways

In this post, I will be discussing on how to win Bet9ja. This post is dedicated to teaching you in ten (10) different ways on how you can predict and win Bet9ja. By the time you are done, your success rate would be up by 50%-100%.
Are you ready, then let’s roll.

What is Bet9ja?

Bet9ja is Nigeria’s biggest online betting website. According to Alexa, Bet9ja is one of Nigeria’s most visited websites. Bet9ja is owned by Akin Alabi and has saved many people from going into crime. Bet9ja actually revolutionized the online betting industry in Nigeria.
As Bet9ja comes with its own advantages so also it has its disadvantages. Addiction, is one disadvantage. A lot of youths tend to easily get trapped by the spirit of betting and keep betting and betting and betting until they have nothing. Simply, because they heard of another person’s success story. They believe they too can “hammer”. Anyone can make it but do not get addicted to betting. Don’t spend your last dime on betting, it would bounce back on you.
Another disadvantage of betting in Nigeria is the popular notion that betting is for touts and miscreants. If it is for that, trust me I would not write a post on how to win Bet9ja. I would not at all. Sometime ago, someone said to me that ” Hey, David did you know that Bet9ja is for all of those touts and street boys? I would never do it”. I said “If you look around well, you will see that even those that drive big cars do bet via Bet9ja in order to get cash”. Some weeks later, he was already betting but was careful not to get addicted. Bet9ja is now a part of our society even to the extent that we have underage kids betting with their pocket money.
Please and please don’t get fooled. I am not saying you should start betting to make enough and good money. It is about less than 1% of those who bet that will actually end up making good money and smile to the bank. Betting is a game of luck.
Now, the question and the most important fact why I am writing this post is how to win Bet9ja easily. Don’t worry, that part is settled already.

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How to Win Bet9ja in Ten Ways.

Here are the ten ways on how you can easily win your Bet9ja games.

1. Don’t Stake On Teams You Like:

This is a very big mistakes that most people who bet make. They stake on teams they love. This will only bite you in the end. You have to be able to keep your emotions locked away while predicting. It would distract you and you might end up losing quite a large sum of money. So the best thing is to look for teams you are not emotionally attached to.

2. Don’t Depend on Predicting Sites:

A lot of people make this mistake. They find a predicting site, you make a bet according to their predictions and you win and then you now fully depend on that site. You are just fooling yourself. It won’t work. Not every match can be accurate. Infact, did you know that most of the prediction sites that you visit, are actually robots. They are programmed and tailored to predict according to the current form, strength, weakness, position of every team. They might be accurate in 80% of their results or more/less but never depend on them always. You can do your own personal research.

3. Don’t Ever Stake When You Are Angry Or Frustrated:

This would make you lose and trust me you would lose well. You think that is not possible. Well, Sir David of Online Incomes says so. Losing so well means, you lost and you have come to a full realization that you lost. It means you lost to the extent that your mates knee that you lost. You lost to the extent that you have no kobo on you. You lost to the extent that you needed to visit Online Incomes to know how to win Bet9ja (lol). That is what it means to lose so well in Bet9ja. Always be in a good and upbeat mood whenever you want to predict. Your perfect state of mind will help you and boost your chances of winning.

4. Don’t Ever Rush To Stake:

This is quite similar to number 3. Don’t Rush. Don’t ever rush to stake while booking your games. If the game is almost starting, just forget it. If you do stake, then you are actually taking a very big risk and there is a 20% success rate. So be what? Be wise!!!

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5. Always Pray Before Staking:

Do you know prayer works. Prayer is very effective. Before any game, talk to God, whether you are a Christian or Muslim, just pray. God answers prayers. Just talk to him and ask him to guide you and let you come out happily.

6. Don’t Let Greed Overtake:

This is another way to win. Most people after playing they will say “Omo, na one game spoil everything oo”. Some people would have been winning, and then they will put in all their gains into one big game but they eventually lose. Most of these guys, to console themselves will be like “Life is all about risks” “You can win Bet9ja without taking risks” and so many other excuses. You were foolish and you lost. Greed overtook you. You had won something. It is okay. Betting is a game of luck fine but also you have to be smart about it. Don’t let greed overtake you. After winning a game or two or three and your profit is okay. Go home or close the website. Bet9ja might eventually end up getting their money back. So be wise.

7. Don’t Assume You Are The Best:

I have noticed something among Nigerians in fact it is psychology. Most people when they are doing something better than others, they assume they are the best. Remember that pride comes before a fall. You might have been winning games non stop for weeks with just losses here and there. Don’t go and proclaim you are the best and hurt other people’s feelings. You will only hurt yourself. You are making them believe that they are below you. No one likes to be below anyone. You lose, shut up! You win, shut up! Don’t assume or proclaim yourself as the best. Dem fit do you strong tin ooo 

8. Stop using “Fixed Matches” or “Sure Games”:

I am not saying we don’t have fixed matches. Yes we most certainly do. For example you can’t tell me that it is possible that no host nation have ever lost their opening match at the FIFA World Cup. It is very impossible. All those opening matches are fixed matches. Lot of matches are fixed but don’t go and rely on those people who advertise that they know the matches which are fixed. Tell them, if they do know it, they should use the fixed matches they know about to make millions. No Nigerian will ever tell you the roots of his or her success.

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9. Only bet on Leagues you are familiar with:

Don’t go hopping from Premier League to La Liga hoping that you will win. You are only deceiving yourself. One of the ten (10) ways on how to win bet9ja games is by choosing and betting in leagues are very sure of. There are some leagues that are highly competitive and anyone can win the cup e.g Premier League and there are some leagues that are not competitive at all like the La Liga whereby it is either Real Madrid or Barcelona that will win.

10. Don’t bet on big games:

What you might gain would be big, yes I know but it is very very hard to predict games like Real Madrid vs Barcelona (El Classico) or the Manchester Derby in London. You just have to avoid it.
In conclusion, I will add a bonus point. Don’t and I repeat don’t let people know if you either lost or won. Keep it to yourself. Don’t expose yourself to the world.
Therefore, these are the ten (plus one bonus) ways on how to win Bet9ja

Updated: June 22, 2018 — 8:58 am

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